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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dress Makeover

I mentioned in a post a while back or on Facebook that Consignment Sales are a great place to find deals on stuff that can be appliqued or re-monogrammed. Here is a lime green cord A-line dress I bought this past Fall ~ I think it was like $4 or maybe $8 at the most BECAUSE it had a monogram on it. I'm sorry I didn't take a "before" picture, but I was able to easily pick the monogram out and chose to put this Scalloped Patch from EB over it with an M in this font.
 The dress is folded here but you can see it has pink buttons and pink ric rac on the bottom! A great deal for $4-8 (I cannot remember!!!). Some monograms are NOT meant to pick out - the tight curly ones are hard work! If you look at the bobbin thread and can barely see any (on the underside), then skip it or plan to put a patch OVER it. I could have NOT picked this monogram out, but it was an easy one and I thought the patch would lay flat and look nicer with it out. I have 2 more tops/dresses to pick the monograms out when I get time. Sometimes you can monogram over it (spray w/ water and iron to see what the hole-condition is).
Here is our Auburn Christmas Tree again, and I bought 2 Football Santa ornaments for it yesterday. Anyway, I got this from Kinnucan's which is located in Montgomery and Auburn, AL that I know of (I think there are several more locations - check the website). With AU doing so well this year, I'm sure you might find these at any sports store at some point. Just beware - I saw one of these at a consignment type store a couple of weeks ago and they were trying to sell it for $85!! Kinnucan's has the 3 ft for like $35 and if you are an account holder they always have coupons. They also have a 6 ft one for $109 I believe if you're REALLY an Auburn fan!
We have someone coming to see the house tonight, so we're cleaning up and will have to make ourselves scarce for a while. I am heading to a Hollywood Baby trunk show ~ evidently they have some Gabiano blank tees that are cute for cheap!

I updated my note above about orders ~ I pretty much have enough to keep me busy this week and next and am going to get all of my C'mas orders done by the first of December. Therefore, I'm not taking in anything else until at least December 1st, and will then take a limited amount of orders to last me a couple of weeks in December. I'd like to enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas with the family, and with us showing the house we never know when all of the sewing room has to be taken down! I AM able to leave my machine and computer out, but the rest has to be put up! Wish us luck on the showing tonight...

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Anonymous said...

Peggy's Stitch Eraser is wonderful for removing embroidery stitches. I bought one several month ago and it's been worth every penny.