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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fabric Addict!!!!

 I've gotten e-mails all week long wanting to know where this sock monkey came from! It's from Applique For Kids! Moda makes a sock monkey fabric too ~ I've seen it on Etsy. This is just plain ole brown gingham.
Here is my little Zig Zag Tiara model! Love the Monag Frill Pants!

 Of course I couldn't take Sissy's picture without taking G's picture...
 Today I took a trip up to Beth's Heirloom for some regular orange gingham to get some pants made to match a top I bought for M. $87 later.... I decided to stock up on my Fabric Finders big 1/8" ginghams so I got 1/2 yard of each of these. These are my FAVORITES to applique with! They are nice and thick and WONDERFUL!! I had most of these colors except the pinks, but figured I might as well stock up - they are like $6.50/yard.
 I also picked up 1/4 yard of these. I swear I already have these, but if so I got them again!
 AND... Fabric Finders houndstooth fabrics. I already had lime green, so I got the brown, red, orange and the pink is actually cord. Then the brown micro houndstooth too (I'd love the micro in baby blue!).
 I love this dot and did the newest Christmas tree in it. It may be Fabric Finders also?
 I needed not 1 of these fabrics! Well, I did need the orange gingham which is not pictured, but the rest were just to add to my collection. I am a FABRIC ADDICT, as well as a FABRIC HOARDER (meaning I can't part with any of it)! Here's proof...



Lydia said...

LOVE that sock monkey! It's just adorable with that Tipsy font too!

The green/white dot looks a lot like the Michael Miller Lolli Dot!

Basement Bags Girl said...

We should start a support group-Fabrics Anonymous! Yesterday,I went to Mary Jo's (it's like fabric heaven!in Gastonia, NC). $169.00 later I felt so sorry for the lady that tore 1/4 yrd. of 10-12 different fabrics. One can never have too much fabric or ribbon!

Melissa Thorpe said...

It's good to know I'm not the only one out there!! Hello, I'm Melissa and I have a fabric addiction!!

Katearoos Kloset said...

Rosemary, the blue micro houndstooth is at The Smocking Bird. Let me know if you do want some and I'll send it through my sister. I think it is $14/yd.

Katearoos Kloset said...

Smocking Bird has the blue micro- houndstooth...$14/yd. Let me know if you want some and I can send it with my sister.