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Monday, November 29, 2010

December Eve Eve

I hope everyone had a fabulous and 
relaxing Thanksgiving full of good food and family!?

I have been asked 2 or 3 times lately where this design came from. I have designs on my blog from lots of different places ~ they are not all from Applique Cafe! This cute lamb/sheep is from Elizabeth's Embroideries. This website is tricky to maneuver but if you scroll down on the page, you'll see a pink one with a bow. That's the one! 
 Today I did the Double Circle design and while the coloring on my photo is off due to the rainy weather today (I took the pic outside), I loved these fabrics together! I was matching a pair of pink pants and also a green cord skirt. It's the daintiest pink flower fabric and I love using it! I also used it on our new angel in a blue/periwinkle version of the same fabric.
We spent 5 days at the beach for Thanksgiving and it was fabulously relaxing! This was our 5th year I think of the beach tradition and we will hopefully continue for years to come. The weather is usually GREAT along with great shopping (and eating) and lots of doing NOTHING! I even met a blogger/applique/facebook friend at Publix down there. We were in the produce section and gave each other that "are you ?" look and quickly realized we knew each other, cyber-speaking knew each other! Not quite as crazy as running in to another blogger friend down at Disney this past year, but fun nonetheless. It's a small world after all...

Lots of these on the beach....
And lots of smiles....
This is NOT my Christmas card photo but I thought it was cute enough to post. I took about 40 pictures and ordered my Christmas cards today after spending most of the day on 7 different websites playing around with my "it" picture and all the gazillion cards out there. Snapfish had 30% off today so I went with them (and free shipping). Yeah! So glad that is over with (the ordering part).

My family was also extremely happy with the Iron Bowl results and are pumped up about ATLANTA this weekend (SEC Championship)! I went to Troy, but my husband, sister, father, brother in law, sister in law, half brother, a few cousins and 2 uncles graduated from Auburn so that qualifies me as a true Auburn fan! I'm sure I'm leaving some extended family and/or friends out of that list too. WAR EAGLE!!

We are working on some new AC designs for this week. 40% off sale ends tomorrow (or first thing Wednesday morning). Have a great week! 

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Anonymous said...

We hit the beach the weekend before Thanksgiving usually. I love it this time of year!