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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Happy Weekend!

Here are some pics from my week! First of all, I've had a Starbucks addiction for a few years now, ever since my friend brought me a Mocha Frappacino one morning while we let our kids play. This was several years ago and I've probably spent thousands of dollars (OK maybe not that much) at Starbucks. Mostly at our Cornerstone locale, but it was so bad for a while there that we would have to find them on trips just so I could get one. I used to think they slid some crack in them. For a year or so now (ever since they changed the Frap recipe), I also developed a liking for just a Mocha (hot drink) and I get them several times a week ~ usually when it's my carpool morning. I also enjoy a McDonalds Mocha Frappe, but that's another story. The other day I took the lid off and this is what is left. YUCK! All the mocha at the bottom and some other unknown "things" appear to be stuck to the wall of the cup! Totally random, but I had to take a picture to help myself break this habit! We'll see if it works... this is really disgusting looking...
 I got a surprise box in the mail this week from TJ's Fabric in Opp, AL! They so graciously send me these packages every now & then and it's like Christmas (maybe better?)! If you are anywhere in the vicinity of Opp (south AL), Dothan, Montgomery, or on your way to Destin and you drive down 331, turn off in OPP and visit this pharmacy/fabric store in one. I stopped on our way to the beach in July and am trying to get back down there sometime soon! My parents aren't far from there so hopefully I can go visit in the next month or so! FABULOUS selection of every kind of fabric you could imagine at GREAT prices! All under one roof ~ Michael Miller, Amy Butler, ginghams, polka dots, Riley Blake and everything and everyone else! Here are some of what T. sent me! Who doesn't love an OWL??? LOVE all of these!!
 My pics are out of order ~ here are a few Rabbit Skins hoodies I sent to Texas yesterday. You can't tell but the top fabric is that lime, blue & brown tri-check. I know some people dislike Rabbit Skins, but I have to say (I do like their tees and) these are GREAT hoodies! Very thick and soft and I thought they were great! They also have little pockets on the sides.
 Here is a shot of my "bundles". They are on the sidewalk because I try to take my pictures outside my front door. The lighting is so much better than in my dining room (which makes my pics YELLOW).
 Love how they are all neat & tied with ribbon too! Like Christmas I tell you!
 Another grouping of the green and OWL prints! Super Duper cute and I can't wait to use them! As I stated in my last post, GREEN is my absolute favorite color in the whole wide world.
I'm having a blast with WIWW (see Wed. post). Jeff e-mailed me after Wednesdays post and I think he thought I had fallen off the deep end. Taking a picture of myself in the mirror is SO not my thing, but it has been fun to play along with The Pleated Poppy! It also makes you think twice about those jogging shorts and a t-shirt. I took pics Thurs & Fri, but not today. We got 2 calls last night saying they were showing our house this morning to 2 different people, so I couldn't tell you where my camera was. We got home at 10pm from an Auburn basketball game and cleaned til after 11, then cleaned ourselves out the door this morning at 9:30. 

So we've showed our house 5 times in 3 weeks. Not bad? It is A LOT OF WORK this selling a house business. Getting it all dusted and cleaned and everything in it's place, blinds open, lamps on just perfect, ALL OF MY SEWING STUFF PUT AWAY!!! 

I decided Thursday night to find some girls to help me with sampling my Applique Cafe designs. I conducted "interviews" via e-mail and picked 7. I got a bunch of great photos by lots of people wanting to sample. It was hard to pick but I picked 7 and farmed out our newest designs for them to sample for me yesterday and today. One less thing for me to have to do! We will hopefully get them all listed on tomorrow! Good night!! Look for WIWW pics this week (may have to post on Tuesday)!

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The Carters said...

Love all the new fabric! I'm right there with you on the Starbucks obsession. You should try the new caramel mocha at McDonalds! Yum!!