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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

2 new designs!

Here are 2 new designs - a purse (shown with initials) is first! I love all the cute purses so we had to do one! I will hopefully have this listed sometime tomorrow? Now we're converting everything to ART and it is more time consuming to get everything perfect for instant download, so it's not as easy to list an item as it was a week ago (on Applique Cafe at least)!
Secondly, I had a special request to do the elephant in a very small size for hair bows! He measures 1.58" x 1.43" and as you can see he/she lost his tail! I'm not sure how it works, but I listed this one on Etsy already (a crafty site in itself) and we'll see how it sells ($2.00 for this design)!? I think it is cute for small t-shirts, small onesies and maybe layette gowns, bibs, etc. I like miniature! I WOULD recommend Wonder Under or some type of fusible product for these appliques. Really, I recommend it for ALL appliques, but especially the smaller ones because it REALLY cuts down on loose thread and makes your applique very neat and clean! The smaller you get, the smaller the density on the satin stitch, so the smaller room for error in trimming your fabric! The fusibles also "fuse" the fabric/applique to your shirt when you iron it when you're finished, so it really makes your finished applique look neat and well done! I use Wonder Under and have recently started using Heat n Bond Lite and actually prefer it over Wonder Under! When you peel the paper off you can see the shiny layer of fusible stuff.
I will hopefully also list the mini elephant on AC tomorrow too. Again, gotta get it converted to ART and all that jazz!
Jeff counted 45 items I'm still supposed to be doing by Monday. I think some of what he counted was post-Monday and I will probably go through it all again tomorrow. That's like 11 items a day, which is virtually impossible with 3 children. Today I got 5 shirts done and 2 samples and it's 10:50 and I'm exhausted!! We'll see...

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