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Monday, October 5, 2009

Making progress

Yesterday and today alone I have appliqued/monogrammed about 14 things. I stayed up until 11:50 last night but I've gotten a lot done (and the kids are down for nap so I hope to get lots more done)! My sinuses are not normal but are definitely better, so I'm feeling alive and motivated again! I might make a dent in all this work yet! Here is the new design I added yesterday to Applique Cafe. The sale has ended and we're setting up the instant download e-mail application tonight! If all goes well my life will become a little more easier!
For every 50 things I do for other people I get to squeeze in 1 for my own kids! HA. Who doesn't love Walmart? I put the EB Raggy Pumpkin on this $3 Garanimals tee this morning. The orange & white striped leggings are actually from a $6 pajamas set (also from Walmart) and this makes a cute outfit for little Mallory for school! Hopefully they won't look like pajama pants!! They look like all the other leggings they are selling now so I got them. I also got her the lt pink top like this swing top and pink leggings and a hot pink set as well. Add an applique and you've got a decent outfit for preschool!
For embroidery people, you may have noticed price changes on the Applique Cafe website. In going to instant download we decided it was best to level out the prices so that most all appliques are $4.00. There are a couple we kept at $6 (the ones with more than 1 design included). We should have started out that way but trial and error and we decided to change them all as we get ready for ID! Back to work...


Natalya said...

Very cute idea with the pumkin and pants. This will be a must do for my little girls.

Jennifer said...


susanv said...

Love the santa patch!!

I just made the same pumpkin outfit for my daughter and we got tons of compliments on it when she wore it to school. We had solid orange leggings from Gymboree that I bought on sale last year for $3. Can't beat a $6 outfit as cute as this!