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Monday, October 19, 2009

New Designs, and is it October 19th?

Here are a few new designs coming soon to Applique Cafe! Hopefully they will be on the website sometime tomorrow. I struggled with the snowman because with a white body and maybe a hat and scarf, it's hard to be too creative! Since our patch designs seem to do pretty well, it made perfect sense to do this on a patch! That way, too, you can stick it on a white t-shirt and it works! I love it on this fabric too because it almost looks like SNOW! I got this fabric at Hancocks! And while this design looks complicated, it's really not - 13 steps!
And a cute sheep! The head & tail are a different fabric option - I used white but outlined it in the same blue! Of course the chenille works perfectly.
This was a special request from a friend who does shirts for a cool little shop! I use a layer of flannel for these designs and I happened to have some red flannel, so I used that and red thread. There are a couple of ways to make these work ~ you can simply scrape the fabric with a pair of scissors and it will roughen it up, OR, you can cut little slits in the fabric (outward in, being careful not to clip any of the tackdown stitch) and then scrape with scissors. A lint brush and some thread trimming also come in handy when you're done!
And our Ornament #3 shown with Garton font "M". This one works for the boys, although I showed it with a bow too down below. I literally keep this red bow tied and on my table and stick it on all these designs just for idea purposes! I think you can add a bow to just about anything! I think all of the ornaments would be great on dish or hand towels too!

Today is the 19th... and I did not catch up!! I even stayed up until 2:30 AM Friday night doing embroidery! :( It is now 10:00 and about an hour ago on my way home from a girl's dinner, I got myself a Starbucks Cafe Mocha (my newest addiction), so I'm going to work late tonight! I'm thinking nurses hours might really work for me! It's the only time (after bedtime) that I can get anything done! No phone calls, no kids, few e-mails and believe it or not, not a lot going on on Facebook after midnight! HA! And no laundry or dishes either! We'll see! Friday night I hooked up some headphones to my computer and listened to music while I worked! I got A LOT done! We'll see...

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