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Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Stuff

Here is another AC design to be listed soon! Now that we have instant download and are providing ART format, it takes a lot longer to get anything on the website! I'm now realizing why Embroidery Boutique "releases" several designs at the same time versus one here and there as we have been doing! I have 2 more to sample so we may have 5 to list at the same time! Anyway... another ornament and of course I added the initial and bow. This would be GREAT on dish towels too!
I have this Rabbit Skins mint green longall romper size 18M in my "stash" if anyone is interested! These are great and comfy for toddlers! E-mail me if you are interested! Lots of options for this - applique, Christmas (pink or red) or really ANYTHING! Great for boy or girl too. ($24 w/ applique)
I've sold all of my Stephen Joseph backpacks except for this one! E-mail me if you are interested! $25 for this (plus shipping if I mail) and that includes a name or initials monogrammed on the flap! These are great backpacks! I think in the store they are about $28 plain with no personalization!
And Mallory wore her pumpkin outfit today! She looked SO CUTE! This was before breakfast so I just barely got this picture of her being still pointing to the pumpkin!! I have a bunch of Walmart leggings & swing tops for her - if I ever get around to putting an applique on them they will be so cute and comfy and perfect for SCHOOL! I might have to do a turkey to match these cute orange striped pants! If you saw my previous post you know that these are actually PJ bottoms from Walmart - $6 for the pajama pants & shirt! G wore his dinosaur shirt today too, so my kids were walking advertisements for me today!
We will hopefully get the new designs listed soon - tonight or tomorrow, so check the website and I'll post it here too!


booharts said...

How much is the green romper? My granddaughter is 16 mos. and it would be fun to do something for her for the holidays.

Staci said...

Love the new ornament and purse!!!

Anonymous said...

My children are walking advertisements for you like - everyday! : )