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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Happy Fall!

I happened to wander through Old Navy today, and found these cute GIRLY turtlenecks with the lettuce edged cuff & bottom! They come in white, black, red and light pink. I remember my friend Amie saying last year that she had a hard time finding girly turtlenecks such as these in the stores, so I immediately called her from Old Navy and told her about my find! I also called my sister in law, bought 2 for Mallory and had to share this info on the blog! 2 for $14 or $8.50 for 1. They have the same "swing" top type construction at the top as the Walmart tees this season, but with the lettuce trim! I also highly recommend the Old Navy l/s tees for boys - they are a little more $ than Walmart but they are SOOOO thick and soft!
I'm hosting bunko at my house tomorrow night, so I also bought some new stuff for my Southern Living At Home Market Bucket (which I looooovvveeeee) for my front door. I'm not a fan of fake flowers, but you can find some pretty stuff out there and I found all of this at Michael's. After Michael's I rode by the soon-to-be Joann's, and it was lookin pretty rough inside the open doors. Not sure how far they are from opening? I've also been hearing on the radio that a brand new HobbyLobby opened up in Prattville, so I'll be making a road trip soon!
We successfully installed instant download on our Applique Cafe website. As far as I know it is all running smoothly?! I haven't gotten any nasty e-mails as of yet from anyone demanding their designs that they didn't get? I've also sent the last of our designs to my lady who is converting them all to ART format, so once we get those back and replace those files on the website, all of our designs will be sold in ART format! We hope to get some new designs up next week! I'm off to work... I'm slowly chipping away at my pile! I have shirts I NEED to get done today and then next week will finish up everything else I need to get done before the 19th (when I start new work). I'm still evaluating my plan for the upcoming couple of months before Christmas so that I don't wind up with more work than I can handle! This will mean saying "NO" to some people, and I'm working on meeting with a lady in town who also enjoys applique and I hope to sit down with her next week. I don't know if we could work together logistically, but I'm hoping I can at least refer some work to her so that everyone is happy! I'll keep you posted...
p.s. Someone gave me a tip today I want to share - get Dawn Power Dissolver to clean your hoops IF you use spray adhesive! I got some today at Walmart to try out!

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