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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New AC Designs and INVENTORY!!

Yesterday I got out of bed before 7:00 AM and went back to bed at midnight last night! 17 hours... I was able to work while the kids were in school so I got maybe 5 shirts done and 5 new samples for AC. The sale ends Thursday so we were rushing to try to get them tested and listed so everyone could take advantage of 30% off. We will most likely have them listed within the next few hours (when Jeff gets home from his day job). Here is the Sea Snail...
Here is the Sea Turtle. Mallory has a Castles & Crowns ruffle skirt I got at a recent overstock sale with these exact fabrics, so how cute will she be? Of course I had to go all over town to find blank tees! 2 Walmarts didn't have any and I finally found 2 at Toys R Us. I refused to pay $10/shirt at Gap! Whoever said Walmart was filling the shelves with tank tops was right! The t-shirt selection was slim!

We've had a request or two for a starfish... You can do the eyes & mouth in different colors or leave them off altogether. Some people don't like faces?
2 more... the Crabby Crab as we call it and a LOBSTER!!
We struggled coming up with a "different" crab... again, to match Sissy's skirt!
I spent the morning finalizing a pastel I had done of Sissy and it turned out PRECIOUS!! A guy named Arthur Smith did it and I think he's from Birmingham, but also spends the summers at the Grand - from what I gathered he's all over! I left it to be framed (ouch) but will have to post a pic when I get it back! This was something done through The Charleston House in Montgomery, and we spent over an hour today waiting for it to be finished. Me and 3 kids in an ART GALLERY!!!!! Of course I let them frame it and spent the drive home with "framers regret". It is SO expensive!!!! But... I still have pictures from November that I have yet to frame, so I knew it would be beautiful if they did it and it would be DONE! I just listed a few outfits on E-bay to help pay for it!! HA! (A few of the kids nicer outfits they've outgrown - why wait to consign when there is Ebay!!).

I also just took a good inventory of my work and here is where I stand:
To Do With Instructions- 44
To Do Lacking Instructions - 10
To Do by JULY - 3
To Do for my kids - A LOT!
Not so bad?!? We do have a beach trip so I'll get some of it done before then and continue afterwards!


Keely Hollern said...

I love the crab! I have a million crabs, but I've been looking for one like that for a while!
Question- Is it one fabric piece or can the "legs" be done in a different fabric/stitch color?
Either way it's cute and I'll be checking the website for it!

Anonymous said...

Went to walmart on Ann at lunch today & they had hardly any t-shirts (no white ones) either. I need at least 2 more white shirts too. I'll have to check out TRU.I have several fabrics that I have tons of scraps for & would be willing to share if you're interested. Love the turtle. Your designs are always so cute.

jenn.roberts said...

Hello! I am a fellow monogrammer/embroidery girl/applique person too. I absolutely love your site and buy your desgins often! I am going right now to buy the new ones! Jsut watned to say how much I enjoy your blog and using your designs. Have a good night!