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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Not working today!!

I'm not working today per my new schedule (and Browder's strict instruction), but I think it's OK to do a quick blog post! Not working to me means not turning my machine on?? That means I get to do fun stuff like laundry and getting a few places my cleaning lady missed today! I did take the kids to the bank this morning (so B could get some bills for his rolled quarters), then to Target and lunch! I'm about to sweep out the garage while the boys play outside too! I had a productive day yesterday - worked all morning and afternoon and finished 9 shirts. I also cooked dinner! Tomorrow and Friday I have only the afternoons to work so I hope I can finish my 11 other items for the week!

Here is a shirt I did yest. to match this precious Riley Blake fabric! This motorcycle is from an It's a Boys Life collection I think? I deleted a few things on it and of course fabric/colors can make an applique look SO different!
Here are some onesies I did for a friend who's brother ('s wife) is having a baby! I love the red crab, which is a miniature from! I also used a mini petal patch and the EB raggy flower shrunk down about 50%. I think Molly was due yesterday and I'm not sure if she has made her arrival yet or not!?
Here is the AC sea snail I did last week on one of the Garanimals lime tees!
And lastly, I posted pics of these bibs/burp cloth sets I got a while back and I finally did one as an order/gift for someone! I have 3 more sets I think - 1 more exactly like this one, another one with the same colors but with green in the ribbon, and a light blue/khaki set. They are really cute so if you need a baby gift, let me know!
I also did several other tees to match various fabrics. I just took pics before my customer picks them up so I'll post them later when I can upload and edit them!

Jeff has sent me 4 or 5 new designs to test! Hopefully I can get them done tomorrow so we can list them by the end of the week!

OK... here are a few more photos of tees and their coordinating fabrics! My customer provided all the fabric because she had shorts made in all of them! What a cute summer wardrobe!!

Pirate Ship and Tractor -
Truck/Car Carrier and Sock Monkey -
Monkey Face and Dump Truck - (not sure what's going on w/ this site?) and the rounded patch the dump truck is on is from - I just elongated it a tad so that the dump truck would fit!


Tanya Pittman said...

So Rosemary~
You shrunk the designs in SWP, and did you have to adjust your stitch density?

Just wondering...

Thank you for being so helpful!

Teresa said...

Just wondering if you knew that Moda actually has fabric that is cotton and looks just like sock monkey material. It comes in red, brown and blue.