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Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Designs

Here are a few new designs which will be added to later today! I did the kite to match the Target shorts I got and it's shown with a couple of bows! You could probably lay your ribbon down as your machine is stitching the string and tie the bows when finished?? Of course the bows would then be permanent! I put Fray Check on the ends of mine. I will probably just pin or stitch these on. It's unknown how certain ribbon and bows will hold up in the wash!?

I LOVE this fish!! We had no "theme" this week as we did with the sports theme last week as you can tell!
I did this golf ball on a shirt for G to match some lime seersucker shorts and it turned out really cute! He wore it to church last night and got a compliment or two! I put a layer of flannel underneath the grass, trim around leaving some of the fabric (about 1/8" maybe?) and then scrape it with my scissors, trim and a lint brush comes in handy too! In hindsight I should have put an initial inside the golf ball!!I used a pique type white fabric so the ball actually has some texture!
It is RAINING!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!! I pulled my car out of the garage to hopefully wash off the POLLEN!! We have our back patio furniture scattered around the yard to try to wash it off too! It has been AWFUL so hopefully it will GO AWAY!!

Yesterday I went to Target and bought a pack of loose leaf paper! I came across a notebook the other day that had actual pictures of applique designs I had sewn - from when I FIRST started and there was no blog!! Anyway, I had the idea to start a notebook to maybe help me stay more organized! I'm not sure how it's going to work but it sounded like a good idea!? Right now when people bring me stuff I jot it down on whatever piece of paper I have and may or may not jot the date down! I figured I could make more notes and maybe print out monthly calendars and try to figure out how much I can do per day/per week and try to pinpoint for people when I might get their things done! We'll see if it works!! As I type this I'm realizing my piece of paper with everyone's names and all my counts is MISSING.... ugh! 


Staci said...

I know what you mean - I tell everyone to PLEASE send me their order in an email -I can flag it and always refer back to it.
I even make my sister send me orders that way!
I always loose those little pieces of paper and it saves a lot of time on the phone taking orders!

The Cherry Tree 123 said...

I do the same thing! Email only!! I accidently made a mistake one time with a phone order and got the monogram wrong and i know the girl told me the wrong initials, so now after someone calls I always send an email with the exact information. Lesson learned on my part!!

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if you have bought any fabric or monag shirts from some of the yahoo groups? They sell at wholesale prices.