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Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday and FALL!

Here are a couple of shirts I did yesterday and today. This is the (old) Pegasus-Embroidery dump truck - you may find it on Etsy. I left off the middle of the wheels because I was mimicking another simple dump truck design. Love these fabrics together! The plaid is flannel! The red/brown dots evidently came from Joann - I must go get some!!
 This is the Embroidery-Boutique rounded square patch in zig zag trim. I rotated it and layered the 3" on top of the 4". Love these fabrics too! I'm a big fan of orange and brown (and red and brown).
I'm down to FIFTY-TWO shirts. Operation yard sale starts tonight, so this weekend will be spent cleaning out and trying to get more shirts done! Next week I am out of town a few days and getting ready for the yard sale Saturday. Not sure how much I'll get done next week til AFTER the yard sale. It's this weekend, Monday or bust as far as embroidery. Hopefully in a month or so I can finish everything, our house will be on the market and I can resume work a little bit each week! Have a great weekend! Also check out this website ~ ~ this is the precious girl who passed away last weekend leaving the Auburn game. Her family goes to my church and she was a junior at Browder's school. Still so sad, but what is coming out of this tragedy is pretty incredible! The memorial service is also on the website. 

It's officially FALL, but still close to 100 where I live! :( No rain that I can recall either. The ditch behind our house is dry and my sinuses are a nightmare! I'm pretty sure you aren't supposed to stay on allergy medicine and nose spray for an entire month!?

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