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Friday, September 10, 2010


I was just reading one of my favorite blogs ( and she started her post today by saying she has had one of those weeks. I completely and sympathetically concur! It was one of those weeks at the Gulledge household too! My babies started preschool Wednesday (YEAH!!), and on the other hand all of the "scheduling" came down on me (hard) and I had a little anxiety going on this week! PLUS it was a short week with Monday being a holiday and us getting back from the beach late Monday night. Anyway between Browder's carpool (basically every other day) and getting the little ones to school at 9, then afternoons (Browder carpool again one week on, one week off - which I'm VERY excited about) and picking up the little ones at 1:00. Doesn't seem too bad eh? Throw in an appointment Wednesday at 11, then Jeff & I met to look at a friend's house, soccer practice for B & G Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and today. I also hosted bunko at my house last night so I spent all day buying the groceries, cooking, cleaning up my den, kitchen & bathrooms, about 5 loads of laundry, etc. I took B to school at 7:30 and then took the little ones to Target to get a birthday present and then to Publix to get my groceries. I was "that mom" who had her kids at the store in their pajamas and as I was leaving Target holding Mallory b/c she didn't even have shoes on, I could feel her diaper leaking all over the side of my shirt! NICE! I took her to Publix anyway! Today has been much better! I managed to get 3 shirts done this morning, met a friend for coffee, ate lunch w/ Jeff, picked up the little ones and am back to work on more shirts. I am SO BEHIND and am hoping next week will be a little less hectic!

Here are a few AC designs we added this week. All designs are 30% off until Monday! I'm loving the peace guitar which was a special request ~ great for a little bit older boy. I'm also loving the fabric - it's Riley Blake WHEELS My Mind's Eye and comes in this color, orange background and brown background. I'm venturing out from standard ginghams and polka dots (a little bit).
Ghost patch ~ ghosts and snowman are tough b/c they are typically white. What if you want to put them on a white shirt? Here is your solution!
And this is a SIMPLE Christmas tree. I added the bow and Impervious "S". My machine said this design was like 6 minutes (at 1000 stitches per minute). I figure it's a good 10 minute design when you factor in trimming and prep work! Great for mass producing kitchen towels or craft show tees?? I also sampled it in a pretty green minky dot with a bow and it was cute. Fabric choices are ENDLESS!
Have a great weekend! Here's to hoping next week is nice and calm!

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