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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Work and News!

I have been busy this week! I've pretty much sewn most of the day Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and 1/2 day today! Only 1/2 day today b/c I woke up at 4:00 with sinuses and never went back to sleep, therefore I crashed after afternoon carpool!! Trying to crank out the tees and make a dent in my big ole' list! Here is the puppy patch done with red - I love brown and red together! Look for this puppy again soon!
This is a new AC design that we're working on listing tonight (Santa Claus)! I used white chenille on the hat and of course white minky on the beard. Someone asked me if I use Heat N Bond Lite on minky and yes I do. I then iron the shirt inside out so my iron isn't directly on my minky. p.s. this is a navy tee - I bought a red one to sample him on but decided I liked navy better! I have a ton of sample shirts ~ I plan to take pictures and show them on Facebook or something to see if anyone is interested in any of them. My kids don't need THAT many tees!
I love this design! It will also be listed tonight! Jesus is the reason for the season!!
Here are some tees I mailed today (to Texas) to my very funny and patient friend Jenny! Love them all!
Hank's little bro is going to be decked out in bibs! LOVE all of these ~ they are all Rabbit Skins trimmed in light blue, NAVY (the turkey), green and BLACK (Frankenstein). 
Another design being listed tonight and this one matches some fabric out there! 
And now for NEWS!! Jeff & I have decided to prepare our house to SELL! We're very nervous and excited and also have A LOT to do! I'm not exactly sure what this means for my "busy season" which is Fall. Right now I have approximately 60-65 shirts in my possession that I'm going to do. I'm thinking that may be all I accept until we get the house ready, then once it's on the market (which may be late October), I will assess the situation with showing the house and then figure out how much I can do or not do! Our neighborhood yard sale is October 2nd, so we have a short amount of time to CLEAN OUT and GET rid of some stuff. We also have a couple of minor maintenance items to get done. After that and the yard sale, we will then really prepare the house (cleaning carpet, touch up painting, etc.). 

SOOOO..... I really hate to inconvenience anyone by not taking orders right now, but if this is what we're going to do then I just can't keep up this pace of sewing 7 hours a day on top of 3 kids, 2 schools, 2 in soccer, and selling a house. I will go CRAZY! I will know more in a couple of weeks once we get the yard sale behind us so stay tuned! 

We WILL still carry on with Applique Cafe and blogging throughout all this! I just have to limit my customer orders for a bit. Thanks! E-mail me with any questions ~!

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Lydia said...

Congrats on the house news!