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Monday, September 27, 2010

Think Spring!

Here are several new AC designs I hope to test tomorrow and list Wednesday! 
A few of these are special requests for Spring 2011 and 2 match fabrics.
I'm getting good reviews on Facebook about the ballerina!

Change-o-plans and we are not going out of town this week as I stated before. The bad news is that my sweet husband had planned a birthday getaway for me and had it all worked out with carpooling, school etc. The worse news is that I panicked at all we have going on this week (he didn't realize a couple of events when planning), then a friend of the family's mom passed away on Saturday and I/we made the decision to postpone our little trip until things slowed down a bit and I could enjoy it more. I guess the good news is that I'm not so freaked out about all we have going on and can get more work done! I do not do well when our calendar is full, much less then thinking about going out of town and leaving the calendar to my sister in law who has 4 kids of her own!! Hopefully we'll go on our trip, or some trip, sometime in October! November at the latest! 

Also good news, the weather is changing and it finally feels like FALL! Bad news, all these long sleeve tees I wasn't stressing about b/c it was 100 degrees outside are now beginning to be needed by my customers! I normally don't work at night but just did 2 shirts before hitting the sack! Will do the samples and at least finish 1 order tomorrow (3 shirts left for EW)!

Operation Yard Sale is Saturday! There are 5 of us girls doing it so hopefully it'll be fun and profitable!

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