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Friday, March 12, 2010

After Spring Break...

This week has been off the charts CRAZY! I may have mentioned we had a Missions Conference at our church this week so I was at church Sunday morning, Monday night, Wednesday morning, Wednesday night and again on Thursday for my monthly bible study. That's a lot, and we even missed a couple of events because it was just too much on the kids! Tuesday we spent the day in West Point, GA buying the new machine ( Browder had a soccer game last night, which I missed because Mallory threw up all over my car yesterday after bible study. It was one of those good ones where I had to remove her from the car still strapped in to her carseat! Stripped her down in the driveway and carseat had to be taken apart after her bath!! I had a dinner with some friends last night AFTER getting Mallory to Jeff after the soccer game. This morning Browder had a Mexican Fiesta at school, so Jeff kept Mallory so I could go help with the Fiesta (I didn't send her to school). We are now at home, Mal is asleep (she only puked that one time by the way) and the boys are watching basketball on TV in my room! I've banished them from the den for at least an hour or so this afternoon. My PE750 is working on a few last minute things I was asked to do before Spring Break! I still haven't plugged the 6 needle in b/c it's been too crazy around here to spend a minute on it! Oh, and we're going on vacation leaving Sunday and I have not packed a single thing yet!!

So.... with all that being said, this is where I stand with orders pre-Spring Break, and also post-Spring Break. I have had several people call and e-mail me wanting to "get in line" and I just wanted to update on how (unfortunately) I am going on vacation BEHIND!! :(

**Past due: 22 20 of 26 t-shirts I was supposed to have done this week (really LAST week but got behind because of my machines messing up and also my hives episode). I am working on some of them today and tomorrow, but will have to finish the rest when I return.

**FIRST on my list post SB: 19 shirts for a customer that I asked if I could hold off til after SB, PLUS 16 shirts & a backpack in line from other customers. I also have 11 other things that will fall sometime after SB that I'm awaiting instructions on. AND, 12 visors which may be a project for Jeff! Did I mention our calendar for the week after SB is covered in red & blue "events" both during the day and just about every night! Both boys are playing Spring soccer so we've got our hands full!

So I have the note on my blog about new orders and I have had to turn some people away who have e-mailed me for pricing. I have some great out of town customers and want to continue to provide for them as well as my friends and equally great customers here in town, BUT, I can only do so much! I know my new machine will be faster, but until I get some time to learn how to use it, that does me no good! Just e-mail me with any questions and if you're in a hurry, check out my blog list for other MOMS who do this as well! Or if you are out of town and just like applique t-shirts, try! I could spend hours on Etsy looking at all the neat hand made stuff you can buy!

Thanks for understanding and being patient!!

P.S. If you are an Applique Cafe customer, the sale ends today! Please don't forget to download your design files ASAP, as they expire after 24 hours! While on vacation we will have very limited computer time so most e-mails will be answered after we return! We still get e-mails DAILY from people who don't download their designs and let them expire! We are HAPPY to resend your designs, but it does defeat the purpose of instant download and we would hate for anyone to be without their designs while we are on vacation!! THANKS!! We will hopefully have some new stuff after Spring Break!

Here is a cute yellow shirt a friend of mine did w/ the AC caterpillar! It was so cute I asked her if I could share!! This is from Mary Bobbins on Facebook or She has more up to date pics on Facebook of her work!

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Cindy said...

I'd appreciate if you'd add me to your list of other moms who do embroidery...

FYI, I bought my first Applique Cafe design this week, the tall-eared bunny, and appliqued it using fluffy white chenille and he turned out super cute! I will be back to order more designs from you.