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Monday, March 1, 2010

Photos part 2

I've had several people e-mail me about the photos post! It is totally OK (for example) to copy pictures of designs you've purchased, or hope to purchase, from Applique Cafe! If you're like me, you have gobs of designs and it's very hard to sample each & every one of them for your blog to show your customers what designs you have!!

Or... you see 20 designs you like on Applique Cafe (for example), but you're not sure what your customers might like, I think it's OK to post pictures of appliques you haven't bought yet! That way if you have a customer e-mail you and say "I want the flip flops", then you can go buy the design and you're not out a bunch of money for 20 designs you "like", but that you may or may not use!

I look at lots and lots of blogs/websites and see lots and lots of pictures of the samples I have sewn myself for Applique Cafe! It is perfectly fine and flattering to see AC designs out there! I also see the samples I sewed for EB which is fun too! My only suggestion was that as you sew the designs, change out the sample pictures with your own! It shows your customers what fabrics you have and also showcases your workmanship! That doesn't mean you need to spend the next 24 hours marathon sewing your own samples and putting all the pics on your site! It just means that gradually, over the course of time, as you stitch out the designs you have, then add your own pics!

The issue that brought about the post in the first place was that someone had photos on their site of hand sewn OUTFITS and personalized BABY GIFTS shown as their samples when they clearly were not!!  Please feel free to use any design listing photos on Applique Cafe! I'd rather you not go to my Gallery and copy pictures of shirts and things that have AC designs on them, but all featured design listing pics are fair game! Thanks and sorry for any confusion!!

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