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Friday, March 19, 2010

Minnie Mouse

We are back from Spring Break and Disney! We had a fabulous time and had so much fun with the boys! Here are a couple of pictures of them at Minnie Mouse's house by her sewing machine! HA! We had our green on for St. Patty's Day!
G looks thrilled, eh? I guess Mickey's house was a little more exciting.
Thankfully Mallory did not go with us. A) we thought 2 was too young to go (and we were right) and B) the Saturday before we were to leave on Sunday she decided to climb out of her crib. It wasn't a good landing! I had to take her to Primed that Sat. afternoon for X-rays, we left her with my mom on the way down on Sunday with a hurt leg - she wouldn't walk on it but the X-rays showed nothing was broken! We picked her up yesterday on our way home and she is still not walking/putting weight on it, so I got in to see an Orthopaedic Specialist this morning thanks to a good friend who had an "in" with AOS. Nothing appears to be broken, and we decided to carry her around as needed in lieu of a cast! Hopefully in a week or less she'll be back to normal! I now have a 2 year old toddler who crawls everywhere and won't walk!

I spent the rest of today washing loads and loads of laundry, going grocery shopping to restock our fridge and getting my house in order for the weekend! My goal for the weekend is to finish up the 20 shirts I'm past due on to hopefully mail the first of the week! I seem to keep hitting roadblocks every which way I turn and am having a hard time getting anything done! Today I installed some software on my computer, and Jeff just spent the evening uninstalling it because it made my computer so slow it was unusable!

Good night! I will get back to regular posts soon!

P.S. I'm about to put all Applique Cafe Easter designs on sale - 1/2 off! We will hopefully get some new designs done this weekend and listed next week!

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