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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Italian Ice

Today was a great day! We had soccer at 10 and 11 (little G is playing now too), followed by lunch with part of my family I don't see too often, followed by the Grand Opening of Nancy's Italian Ice at 5:00. It was fabulous!!! My family LOVES Nancy's! A) It's dangerously close to my house and B) It's just a fun place to go for dessert! A family from our church opened it in February so going in for some Italian ice or some soft serve (Jeff's favorite) means you're bound to see a bunch of people you know. We love it!! My favorite is the Fancy Nancy, which is layered soft serve and Italian ice! I usually go with mango but today I tried banana and it was delish!!!

I'm loving my new machine!! I refer to it sometimes as "set it and forget it"!! Right now it's stitching the EB Octopus while I do a quick blog post and I'm not having to sit there and hold t-shirt out of the way! Priceless!!

I added 4 new designs tonight to Applique Cafe (see top 4 newest pics on the right side). The seahorse, speedboat & fat fish are all great "towel" designs - turn a regular towel in to a kid's beach towel! While in Orlando we ate somewhere with an electric guitar hanging on the wall, so Jeff took a pic and an electric guitar design is born! All four are simple which we love!

I may need to apologize for my mini-breakdown on my last post! Sometimes I just get extremely freaked out when I have gobs of stuff lined up to applique/monogram. I am so blessed to be busy, but at the same time I wish I could control better how much stuff accumulates in my "bins". When I get in to the 60s+ I tend to panic a little!! Here's the latest...

19 16 shirts - deadline Tuesday
4 shirts - deadline Wednesday
1 Jon Jon - deadline - mail way before April 20
(I say "deadline" loosely! I work better under pressure sometimes!!)
40 other various shirts - some are way past due, some are not!

HOPEFULLY I can knock some of this out in the upcoming week! Our calendar is a little lighter than last week, so if I can get quite a bit accomplished, then I will lift the ban on bringing me more stuff! Thanks for understanding and thanks to everyone for their patience!! I really appreciate it! Now... maybe one more shirt before I hit the sack??!!

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