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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Machine

No news on my new machine!! It is still sitting here.... I honestly don't know if I will do much with it until after next week? I want to of course, but I have so much to do that I don't want to get sucked in to it for hours!! By the time we got it unloaded last night, it was time for laundry, dinner, baths, homework, bedtime, etc. Today I ran around all morning, then by the time I get home and get unloaded from school and check e-mails, it's 3:15 and I've done nothing! I'm working on my first shirt of the day and we have church at 5:30!! Such is the life of a busy mom, eh?? We also get TONS of e-mails through Applique Cafe so it takes forever to sift through them! People don't download the designs immediately, or they have trouble opening the files, etc. Customer Service is a part time job just for the website!

I've had several people ask me questions about it - I did get one of each size hoops! No fast frames yet and it did not come w/ a stand! We decided we'd try it out on my table first and go from there! I have gotten an e-mail too from someone who has a stand possibly for sale, so those "accessories" may come later! It does take up half the table! And someone mentioned it being on a towel and we just put it there to get it unloaded!! I don't even have it plugged in!! I do keep looking at it and think "WOW, it is BIG!!!!!"!! I know in the long run it'll be great!

Back to work - I may squeeze in one more shirt before church!!

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Baby and Me Designs said...

When I bought my machine there was no way I could afford the stand, so I purchased a work bench (industial strength) from Sams Club for just under $200. I love it! It is the perfect height for working and you don't have to bend over the kitchen table ...been there, done that:)
You can find it here:
good luck!