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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Countdown to Spring Break!!

Back to work!! I've sampled 4 new designs for Applique Cafe tonight as well as appliqued 2 last shirts for a customer (thanks to a late afternoon Starbucks)! I still have more to do this week (20-something), and thankfully have my PE750 back and it's sewing like a champ! Jeff rode over to West Point Saturday and picked it up for me and took my PE700 (while I took G to a b-day party and did our grocery shopping for the week)! They replaced the tension system and I think that did the trick! I did plenty of complaining last week about my machines and wanted to clarify that it was nothing against the great service I've gotten OR these particular model machines!! My PE700 is the first machine I got a few years ago, and I'm pretty sure I have 16 times as many hours on it as a normal person would!! I've run these machines to DEATH!! I LOVE THESE MACHINES!!!! I would recommend either model to anyone starting out!! They are inexpensive and easy to learn and I've gotten every penny out of them I spent (and continue to). We are, however, looking at a used PR600 (6 needle) and hope to ride back over to West Point this week to take a closer look! It had 1 owner who traded it in for a very expensive machine and it has been totally upgraded and rebuilt with everything I need. Jeff is on board and we think it's the logical next step if we are to continue in this business! Very exciting and scary!! I always thought I didn't want a big machine while I was still in my dining room, but what the heck!! Everyone I have heard from says it will be well worth it so I'm excited!! And I will continue to use my small machines when needed too!

We have a CRAZY week this week between school, soccer and a Missions Conference at our church! I have so much to do before Spring Break! Back to work...

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Basement Bags Girl said...

Love your blog & your designs. Buy the will love it! I bought mine last Feb. and it was the best thing for my business. You will be twice as productive and wonder how you ever managed without it. Thanks for being one of my favorite 'daily reads'.