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Thursday, March 25, 2010

I will survive!!

Someone recommended a Craftsman tool chest to use as a stand for my 6 needle. We found this one at for $80 so we thought we'd try it out (versus $400 for a Brother stand)! I picked it up from my local Sears last night (it shipped there for free) and Jeff & I got it all set up and I feel a little more organized! We took the leaf out of my dining room table and positioned the machine at the end angled towards me. The nice thing about this stand is that it has 4 nice sized drawers and is very heavy and sturdy! It's definitely cut down on the vibration in my dining room! I understand the purpose for having the Brother stand is having space for excess "stuff" (bags, etc) to hang down! I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. In the meantime I think this is going to work just great!

Because of the dimensions it does have to sit on the tool chest sideways, but it works fine for me! I have 4 nice drawers for out of the way storage! The chest also has a "lip"around the top edge, so the machine isn't going anywhere! 

Here are the softball visors we did this week. This was supposed to be Jeff's project but I ended up doing them all on the 6 needle because it clips the thread underneath which was a lot faster (than my little Brother). All we did was add the numbers to the side, 1-12! This was a special project for a friend!!! Meaning I'm not getting in to the visor business!! :)
Here are 20 of the 26 shirts I have been doing for what seems like the past 3 months! I already shipped the first 6 and will ship these hopefully tomorrow, or whenever I receive payment in the mail. Whoooo this was a job! This mom sent me fabric to use and the instructions were GREAT, but tackling 26 t-shirts (all appliques) has been quite the challenge! 
Here they are (again, 20 out of 26). The mom (I think) is making LOTS of shorts to coordinate with all these tees! You may notice a few new designs - I bought the EB ladybug and butterfly and also the jeep is from Ms Monogram Momma (blog list below). She has some designs on Etsy and is also in the process of setting up her website! 
This morning I had a mini nervous breakdown! By 10:00 I was about to scream! Trying to get work done with the kids at home!!!!!! Mallory is FINALLY walking (limping) around and is cutting 2 teeth, so she is a bit whiny! I finally got us all bathed & dressed and took us out to lunch to kill time before Browder's playdate.  I worked for 10 years from an investment banking firm, and hands down being a mom of 3 and trying to do this from home is 125 times harder than working 5 days a week ever was! I'm not sure what the answer is? I think I'm just having a rough month with a lot going on (Disney, Mallory and her double X-rays/not being able to walk for almost 2 weeks, 2 boys playing soccer, etc etc etc) plus my endless workload, less and less time to work, and I could go on and on!! If anyone has any suggestions, bring 'em on!? Back to work....

P.S. has a used PR620 if anyone is interested! Please ask for Mel (or Steve) and tell them Rosemary referred you! :) is located in Atlanta but they also have a 2nd store in West Point, GA. When I looked at mine they sent it to the WP store for the day (and then it came home with me!) I'm sure it won't be available for long!!


Janay said...

No suggestions, just wanted to let you know you are not alone! My 15 month old hasn't napped today, apparently he doesn't care that I want to make matching Easter outfits for him and his sister.
You are an inspiration -- you have one more kid than me and seem to crank out WAY more than I can accomplish. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

I'm so impressed. That's all I can say! My advice--Keep saying no to more orders for now! Oh, and take a day off (not to get things done or take a trip) just for you! You won't believe how refreshed it will make you! (I know, I laugh at this advice too, but it's true.)Hope your little one's foot/leg is better. Good luck!