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Monday, March 22, 2010

Here is where I stand...

Here is where I stand on orders...
(revised Tuesday, 3/23/10)
26 tshirts - down to my last 6 3 (these should have been done before SB)
19 tshirts - need to be done ASAP
31 various tshirts & a backpack
12 visors - Jeff is going to try to do these!! DONE!!!
+ 1 jon jon, 1 apron, 1 dress, 1 piece of fabric, 3 various tops (all came today!)

I did 14 shirts Sat & Sun on my PR600! At first I was a little frustrated because it seemed to take forever to program in the thread colors & stops, change out thread colors, thread needles, etc. BUT, once I got the fabrics down it would sew/finish the whole design very quickly which was great! I think after 14 shirts I'm getting the hang of it!! We've ordered a Craftsman 4 drawer "cart" for it (which was recommended by someone) so once I get that in and everything situated (and everything on my table isn't shaking to death) it'll be a nice little setup!

The kids went back to school today (yipee) and I ran errands all morning getting everything done post-Spring Break! Mallory is still not walking on her right foot! :( It's a little weird having a 2 year old that can't walk! It's like having a baby again, only she doesn't understand that if she can't walk, she can't just go outside, etc!! HOPEFULLY she'll be back to normal within a week! She can crawl around, and walked (hobbled around) this morning holding my hand. Both boys are playing soccer too so we've got soccer like 3 days this week!! Crazy as always!!

I have at least 4 new designs for AC to do this week! We're getting back in to the swing of things after spring break! Just a reminder that all Easter and Cross designs are $2!

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