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Monday, May 5, 2008

Happy Cinco de Mayo

Mallory is driving her mommy batty this afternoon!! She is one high maintenance little girl!! :) As much as I'd love to sit on the couch and hold her for 2 hours while watching soap operas it's just not possible. It's Cinco De Mayo which means tacos for dinner tonight and a margarita (or two or three...). Someone introduced us to a yummy margarita mix from Fresh Market - El Paso Chile Co. - says all natural so it IS good for us.

I'm addicted to applique designs and mocha frappacinos w/ whip cream from Starbucks. Regarding applique designs, I have way too many.... but, some of mine I bought when I first started sewing so it's good to replace them every now & then. I can't figure out what I like best - simple ones w/ maybe a single fabric (or two) or the more complex ones. If you have an opinion on this e-mail me at I found a new site that has some adorable simple designs. They are easier and faster and sometimes simple is better. But, some people like designs w/ lots of fabrics and colors. Some people like both! I've been surfing and other sites trying to get ideas on different things I can do. As far as Starbucks I tried the Sonic knockoff Mocha Java Chiller and it is NOT the same!! Cheaper, but not the same. Plus it's not too cool to meet at Sonic for a drink & conversation!!

Better get to work!! Bachelor Women Tell All is tonight!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I love your website, it is very cute. the kids are precious too. i have to run, time to lay lauren down and do some yard work. talk to you soon!

p.s. i found an old picture of us from TROY, except for the clothes, we were HOT! :)

Susan Klein