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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

School is DEFINITELY out

I'm not crazy, yet! Give me a day or two!! The day started when I opened G's door to find him NOT in his crib. Browder catapulted him out from what I can gather!! I knew it was coming b/c yest. I could hear Browder coaching him. Later Garrison threw a few coat hangers on poor Mallory - she's got a little mark under her eye. THEN I took them all to Walmart to return something and Mallory coughed and puked up her entire bottle. I wiped her down and we headed to Kohls to return something else. Garrison escaped the stroller and I had Browder chasing him, finally tackling him to the ground until I could get there w/ our limousine sized stroller. We passed on going to Target and picked up daddy for pizza. Now they are SUPPOSED to be taking a nap. This afternoon we're having a family outing to Prattville to get my oil changed and go to Mass Pro Shops as Browder calls it.

I'm so sad - the lady who can actually cut Browder's hair w/out chopping it up has left Sport Clips! I called to see if they'd tell me where she went... no dice. They took my # and said they would try to get her to call me. Hopefully she will!! The boys are in desperate need of a trim. Garrison hasn't actually gotten a haircut by anyone but me, but I'm ready to introduce him to a real haircut - not me cutting here & there in the back yard when I can get him to be still!! Last time I gave him the dumb & dumber cut (short bangs).

I have monogrammed 1 towel in the past week. It has been nice to take a break but I must get back to work! :)

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