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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Big City

I'm blogging today from the big city of Enterprise! I haven't been here since Christmas - it's hard to travel w/ 3. The suburban was loaded down w/ baby gear. Enterprise has a GREAT sewing store which I plan to visit today or tomorrow. They have excellent fabric. I watched last night's performances of AI this morning via TIVO. Although the styles of the Davids are different, I agree w/ the judges on Archy taking the night. It'll be interesting to see who wins. He does give me chill bumps when he sings ballads. The cook will do good no matter what, and who knows he might win. I watched the bach-ette yest. via TIVO which reinforced the fact that there are some nutty people in this world. The guy who ripped his shirt off at the end - gross!

I've been meaning to mention we got the tile in our shower cleaned recently and it looks wonderful! Advanced Restoration did it - you might have seen their ads in M'gomery magazines. It was disgusting!! It's dark tile and dark grout and our shower is like a dark cave so we couldn't keep it clean. They did a great job and sealed the grout and it's done great! They also did a friend's floors and she was also pleased. I'd love for them to come back and do our floors and our kitchen countertops sometime.

My whole family is coming out tonight for a yummy steak dinner! My brother returned recently from Iraq and is here, plus my sisters & their kids will be out to eat. My parents live out in the country (on a fish pond w/ cows & horses, tractors, white fence and the whole 9 yards). The boys are in heaven!! We'll miss Jeff who is in M'gomery working, cleaning carpet tonight and mowing the grass I would imagine!!

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