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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Cable Guy

My internet has been down (AGAIN) since yesterday! I had to resort to calling Jeff at work and getting him to check my e-mail for me! Cable guy spent about 2 hrs here today. His brother's dad owns Chris' Hotdogs... Finally he got it running again. Poor thing had to go up in the attic a bunch of times! I'm sure it's 180 degrees up there. Browder turned 5 Sun. and in lieu of spending the $ and showing up at Pump it Up for a party, we decided to just have a few friends/families over to eat dinner and play. Shockingly enough, we have nothing planned - just free play! Next year remind me to pay the $ to show up at PIU!! It's a lot of work just having dinner at your house. The meal, cookie cake, pinata, balloons, decorations, planting stuff in the backyard so it looks decent, etc etc etc adds up. I pulled weeds for an hour yesterday!! I also drug G & M around for 4 hours yesterday in the 90 degree weather getting groceries, searching for spanish moss, etc. Poor G's clothes were soaking b/c I didn't change his diaper for 4 hrs! Anyway it'll be fun but it's been a bit of work.


Lake Martin Voice said...

FYI, the average "cable guy" visit lasts around 15 minutes. Yours was 2 hours? Should Jeff be jealous?

Rosemary Gulledge said...

HAHA John! Jeff is aware of our internet issues! He spent some time w/ the cable guy today!!