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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Market and everything else...

It has been one of those mornings! You know the kind... you ask yourself 'is this what motherhood is all about? really????' It started at still-dark o'clock with one in the doorway saying he had an accident. It happens, so I think Jeff & I both said in unison - change clothes and go get in bed with G. Then you hear "hey dad". So I get my pillow and blanket and we all pile in G's bed hoping for another hour of sleep. That lasted 5 minutes and Garrison was back out playing and seeing Jeff off to work. Fine, as long as he is quiet!! I think B & I dozed off for 10 minutes and then Mallory is up, has thrown all of her pacis and stuff on the floor as usual. She's crying, G is now at the foot of the bed crying (rather screaming). We all get up and I have everyone eating so I can shower. I go back to the kitchen after my shower and there is pop tart from the kitchen table to the floor to the bar countertop and in both barstools (that's what I get for feeding them poptarts), not a cushion on either couch, lincoln logs all over the floor, table & chairs from the kids room and cushions everywhere. I have sheets to change and 3 kids to dress, a lunch to make (just 1 today). Is this the definition of the joys of motherhood??? I played the 'friend coming over today' card with Browder so he cleaned up the den before we left for school. I got myself a SB on the way home and am now doing a little work. Since G was up so early and will refuse to nap with a friend coming to play w/ Browder, I put him down for a morning nap along with Mallory! My sanity is regained!!! LOVE my kids, but there are times when I look around and think, REALLY????

Facebook - I'm a huge fan! I have recently reunited with one of my childhood friends and her sister! We lived down the street, and later a house or two down from one another growing up! 25-30 years later we reunite on FACEBOOK!!

The Bachelor - I'm thinking the girl from Canada? Jason is very cute, but he does have that Washington northern thing going on and she does too - so I could see them together and they seem to have fun. I wasn't too crazy about that vest he was sportin last night? Not too shabby in swim trunks. I've watched every season of TB and it never fails to entertain!! The 2 cats need to go. LOVED Stephanie last night. She has a different look to her I think (very poised and sweet too) and made me cry talking about her husband. Can't wait to see them next week! Loved that she took a jewelry store with her for the show!! (gotta pull for the AL girl who is also a friend of a friend)

Market - I went to the Americas Mart in Atlanta over the weekend and loved it! I have friends who go all the time and I've always wondered what it was like, what was there, etc etc etc so I was thrilled when I got the chance to go! I went with my good friend Amie and her hubbie, mom and Julie (hey Julie!!). They buy for a couple of stores in Montgomery so it was interesting to see them work. I don't know how they buy for 2 stores. I could barely decide on bibs for my little drawer!! The apparel building was pretty much how I imagined it - 13 or 14 floors, very open like a big mall. The other buildings (gifts, furnishings, merchandise, etc) were CRAZY!! 18 floors I think of nonstop showrooms, big and small! After a full day I finally got semi-familiar with how it was all laid out. It seemed like endless escalators, hallways, elevators, showrooms and they all had beautiful, cute stuff. How do you decide on anything?? It was also interesting to look at price tags in the showrooms. In the apparel building most of the showrooms we went in to had "samples" signs, which meant they had a rack or racks of sample clothes or whatever you could buy on the spot if you had some cash! One showroom we went in was full of blanks (white bibs) and Amie & I managed to round up $100 worth of goods (the minimum) so we were able to swipe the credit card and get some stuff for cheap. I could have gone crazy, but it was my first rodeo and after all, we're in a recession. Now I kinda know what's there and how it all works so if I ever get to go back I'll be more prepared!! There were millions of people there so good people watching too! I did see a few people I knew, which is kinda like seeing people you know in a football stadium - crazy! My only complaint is that I had to come home and realize how depressing my house is! HA!! You see all the beautiful things at all the showrooms and come home to stained carpets, no curtains and couches I've had since I was single living on LeBron!! Anyway, it was a fun weekend and Julie, thanks for letting me bunk with y'all and it was fun hanging out with you. Amie, thanks for inviting me!! I did get some great ideas and can't wait to see all the new stuff at the stores!

BTW, if you love Tyler candles, they will soon be found at Capitol's Rosemont Gardens and Southern Homes & Gardens on Vaughn Rd! I've had them at my house here & there and they are THE BEST candles! I got a sample at Market and Jeff & I have been burning it every night in the kitchen. Also coming to SHG - some very neat rubber tubs. We all have the $10 plastic tubs from Target, which are full of toys and crack after a month or two. I can't remember the name of them (??), but the tubs they got are rubber and great for toys and such and come in great colors and several sizes. Be on the lookout for those at Southern Homes! They are very flexible and won't crack!! If I think of the name I'll post it... TUBTRUGS!! Google it!

I also remembered some cute bags they got - Murval is the brand - very cute and affordable!!

Mallory is up so....

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