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Sunday, January 25, 2009

One more day...

Jeff has been skiing in Deer Valley with the guys since Wednesday (or he left this house Wed). He'll be back tomorrow afternoon, when I will try not to just hand over 3 kids to him! I've had a break or two, but overall am so tired of diaper duty and playing mediator b/w the boys!! What do you do when brothers fight? Do you let them duke it out? It's mostly pretty innocent pushing and hitting and 5 minutes later they might be chasing each other around the house laughing. That and tattling - ARGHHHHH!!!

I'm finally almost done with my CCE job! I just have to print my tags, cut them and pin them on everything. I spent the day ironing and scavenging closets to see what I could get rid of! I'm about ready to build a bonfire in the back yard and have a puzzle roast! Every time I turn around there are a million puzzle pieces all over the floor! A few of them have one piece missing which drives me crazy!!

The Long Thread came out with a super cute sheep which I purchased last night. If you look at her Etsy store and it's not there, check back. I think she can only sell so many at a time and when I got mine, it said it was the last one. I love her simple designs - (elephant & sheep).

I've been so busy with kids the past several days I've done little "work"! If I can get done w/ CCE tonight I may do a shirt or two and try to catch up tomorrow and Tuesday. I went to Walmart Friday and they do have short sleeve t's in in a variety of colors for boys and girls (toddler section).

Tomorrow I register B for school at Eastwood! After that we'll do the parents interview and he will do their version of testing and he will hopefully be accepted. It was a little sad to skip the Trinity Open House the other night, but we're so happy with our decision and I can't wait for him to go to such a sweet school! I'm also making a peanut butter pie tomorrow for a men's presbytery lunch at church on Tuesday. I'll post the recipe if it's any good! I really don't make pies too often so this will be a test!

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Lindsay Moore said...

I am excited about registration tomrrow also! I was going to tell you I have a good and easy recipe for PB pie if you need it. It makes 2 pies and takes about 5 mintues to throw together. But we were laughing b/c Robert said "doesn't she know there is a recall on PB b/c of the salmonella deaths" :)