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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Gotta love it...

You gotta love a 2 yr old! Yest. morning I awoke to G munchin on some Pringles for breakfast - sour cream and onion. He can scale the pantry shelves like nobody's business. 15 minutes later I'm in the shower and can see his naked silhouette coming towards the shower door and he's holding his diaper filled with poop! We REALLY need to work on potty training. He calls his brother "Bower" - hopefully that won't stick!?

You also gotta love a 5 yr old! Last night I took B to soccer practice, then by Target. We're in line to check out and behind us a big guy wheels up in a wheelchair with only 1 leg. I could just see B's little brain working and out came the questions! Luckily the guy was so sweet about it and B didn't ask anything too inappropriate!! They chatted it up for at least 10 minutes.

Not too much going on in the world of embroidery! I've been pretty busy this week ~ and my "work" computer has been even busier doing I don't know what? I think it's the wireless internet? It takes 10 minutes just to open a program, so I'm back in our room for blogging and facebook and e-mail! If you have been anxiously awaiting the new EB designs, be patient!! They are coming! The snail is worth the wait, I promise!

I watched The Bachelor Monday night via headphones and TIVO at 9:00. Still voting for Jillian! The child aspect of this season is a little creepy (or should I say maybe not so healthy??), but I still enjoy the entertainment value of this show even tho no one ever makes it. I think Chris H. forgot to say that the rose ceremony was the most dramatic/shocking/etc. ever?? It was definitely on up there! Catfight before the roses are given out? Good move?

I haven't gotten in to AI yet. If you've seen one first-few-weeks, you've seen them all. I can't get involved until they go to Hollywood. It's bad enough that AI is such a committment (months it seems)... I can't watch all the idiots.

I've started getting ready for CCE ( Receiving starts Saturday. I have LOTS to do! So much work, but so worth the check in the end!

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Amanda said...

Hey Rosemary...random question: I have the lollipop applique from EB, and when you put the ribbon on it, do you sew it or pin it? And if you sew it, do you sew it then tie it, or tie it then hand-sew it on? Just wondering what would work the best. You can email me at if you don't mind answering my annoying question!! Thanks!