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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A few new fabrics...

Here is a sneak peak at a couple of new EB designs! Yeah - boy stuff!! I've also sampled a few more (Easter egg, the cutest snail I've ever seen, etc.... so there is MORE.... I have an alligator I've done a few times, but this guy is a little fatter and very cute!

Love Love Love this sailboat patch!
Here are a few new fabrics I got yesterday - these condensed dots looked appealing - since most appliques deal with little spaces ~ these both have lots of color.
Here are a few GREAT boy fabrics, which I was needing very much. These are (possibly old) Michael Miller patterns and the one with the dots is the 3 Marthas train fabric which I spotted at Market and instantly recognized. I've used that one three times already (see sailboat above) and I just bought this fabric yesterday evening. If you live around Montgomery, Kudzu Quilt on Burbank (near San Marcos) has great fabric. A little pricier than Hobby Lobby and Hancocks but a ton of vintage looking fabric. I got these on clearance with a yard minimum, so 3 yards for the price of a yard basically. I get a lot of red shirts for boys, so I'll hopefully use these a lot!

Today is a better day - all of the kids went to school and I got my 2 hour Starbucks. My house is still a wreck - Browder decided the foyer would make a great place for every puzzle we own. Oh well!

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