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Friday, January 16, 2009

School School School

I swear 2 weeks ago it was 70 degrees! I'm pretty sure Browder wore shorts & a t-shirt to school LAST WEEK! It was a frigid night last night and this morning. Jeff let 2 of the outside faucets drip last night, but both were frozen this morning. We're not used to this in lower Alabama!!

I live in the lovely city of Montgomery! I do love it here, but HATE that they have horrible school options! Private is the norm, so we're making that decision this month. Open Houses, registrations, testing and all that fun stuff! Over 2 years ago I was at a baby shower for my sister in law and got to talking to a friend who has 3 kids. She told me about Eastwood School and I had never heard of it, but I was interested. We always thought Browder would go to Trinity! At the time I was working and Jeff graduated from there and it seemed to be the thing to do. Since I first heard the word "Eastwood" that night, our church split (which was very traumatic) and we left and where did we end up? Eastwood Presbyterian Church, which is the "mother" of Eastwood School! Oh yeah, I also quit work and Mallory came in to the picture!! Last year we were teetering on the school issue and had Browder tested and went through the process. He has a late May b-day so we decided to wait. Now we're back in the process as he is getting ready to REALLY go to Kind. this Fall! We went to Open House at Eastwood yesterday and Lord willing, that's where he will go! It is a precious little Christian school and with 3 kids and a RECESSION, perfect for our little family!! We're all signed up for all of the Trinity stuff too, but I'm thinking if we're set on Eastwood we may skip it! I am an easy person to confuse and have been a wreck this week just deciding on preschool for the little ones next year. I'm not good at decisions!! Jeff & I have to play games just to decide where to go eat. He names 5, I pick 3, then we pick 1. So, after all this I feel the Lord planted that little seed at that baby shower that night and He brought us to where we are now and we're making the right decisions for Browder! As I often say... we shall see!!

I've got my Playlist going and am doing some work this morning while the kids are all at school. My house is a WRECK but Jeff said we'd try to do a little cleaning tonight! I wish I had one of those Roomba (msp) things that vacuumed the floors for me. It would be nice if they came out with a mop version too (and a duster, glass cleaner, etc.)

I've done some cute new apps for Embroidery Boutique so they should be up on her site very soon! Some Easter designs, a super duper cute snail, octopus, and of course the sailboat patch and the other one I put on my last post which I can't remember...

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Anonymous said...

I understand your pain...We did the same thing two years ago before my oldest started school. He is in kindergarten now...but most of the private schools have a full time pre-k program. If your not in the pre-k program it's really hard to jump into kindergarten. Crazy, times...good luck! Hope you have a great week. Heather