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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

One reason we're in a recession...

I've been shopping around a little the past week or two ~ you know how it is... when you want something new for yourself (because it might make you feel cuter when it's 70 degrees outside in January and you're dripping sweat in your winter clothes), you have a little money in your checkbook, it never fails you cannot find ANYTHING. Granted, I like to shop cheap and try to find a good deal - especially so late in the season with SPRING clothes coming out and all. I just have to say, from what I've seen, I can see why we're in a recession! Excuse my language, but I've never seen such crappola in all my life! And half of it is marked "clearance" for $40. To me, $40 for an ugly shirt is not clearance!! It all looks oversized, frumpy, dumpy, tacky, gaudy, cheap, awful unflattering colors and I could go on and on! Don't get me started on shoes either. I have even seen tinted acid washed jeans in a couple of places ~ I mean like purple, yellow, pink from the 80's! Please tell me those are not coming back?? Skinny jeans and short boots ... OK, but no acid wash!! I've seen clothes you could not pay ME to wear. That bad!! Maybe everything is picked over, but it still seems like a whole lotta ugly stuff was left over. Or.... I am most likely browsing the wrong stores? Please tell me where to go and not spend a months salary??

The Bachelor debuted Monday night! That is my one guilty pleasure show. I honestly haven't watched anything in months, so I'm excited to have a little fun on Monday nights! Of course they made every girl look crazy and the previews were "the most dramatic" I've ever seen. Is Deanna really back to compete?? Jeff said American Idol starts next week too, which is always fun.

G, Mal & I were grocery shopping at Walmart yesterday and I noticed spring tees - Garanimals short sleeve tees are out for the girls in a variety of colors. I didn't see anything plain at Target and didn't notice short sleeve for boys at WM. I didn't see anything comparable to the cute gingham shorts Walmart had last year either, or at least not yet. I went to Target tonight to buy diapers and looked around - swimsuits???? In January?? Yes I'm all white and pasty and a few lbs over from the Holidays... let's try on a swimsuit! That won't happen til at least May.

Heather - you asked about monogramming a swimsuit - I did one last year, but it was a cotton material (one of those clothes shows?) I'm not sure about one of the spandex-y ones? I did see the cutest little swimsuit at Target for Mallory - it is a simple light pink & white stripe and would be precious w/ a monogram if it would work? I might get it for $9.99 and just try!?


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the reply. I have a navy suit in my shopping cart at Gymboree. Some how you can save your shopping cart. Gymbucks start the 15th.
As for shopping one of my favorite places is Fossil. They are having a big sale at their site right now. It reminds me of Anthropology...I love anthropology...but it will break the bank! Good luck. Heather

Anonymous said...

Coldwater Creek was having a great sale last week - 70% off a lot of things. Don't know if you think their clothes are frumpy or not. :)
The quality seems pretty good.