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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Too Harsh??

Was my post last night too harsh? Maybe I should say that one reason stores are going out of business is because of what they are selling!? Is that too harsh? Probably!! I have no clue what affects business or what a recession is all about. But, I wish I had my camera so I could better explain what I've seen (and I'm talking clothes)! I've gotten a couple of suggestions and will check them out (except Fossil b/c we don't have one here I don't think?). I just can't tell you how many stores I've entered, checkbook (or should I say checkcard) in hand, and exited empty handed!! :( Oh well!!

Good news at the G household - Mallory is now drinking milk and solely out of a cup! NO MORE FORMULA OR BOTTLES... EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! Diapers... yes. Sippy cups I can handle!

I'm cranking out burp cloths right now! A lot of babies being born I guess? I'm on my 2nd one and have 3 yet to do. The one I'm doing now is so cute and I will post a picture when I'm done!

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