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Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to Work!!

What is this?? When does school start back again???

I had a lovely vacation but am now back at it! Here are some shirts I did for a Dance Studio in Texas. Their colors this year are black & purple (and maybe silver?). It was fun to do them and they turned out cute! Love the long distance business too!

I just loaded up the kids and went to Starbucks at 3:30 in the afternoon. I've been so good over the break and have only gotten 2, maybe 3 a week (compared to my daily run when I was so busy!). Today has just been one of those days - G fell out of the bed before 6 AM so he got in bed with us. Jeff got up shortly thereafter to go back to work. Garrison is now trying to potty train a little bit and thinks he gets candy if he sits on the pot, so that can be a 30 minute affair when he sits there and nothing happens (and has had 2 dirty diapers so far today). Then he helps himself to a piece of chocolate out of the pantry (after scaling the shelves) and when I take it away, he goes crazy!! He & Mallory took about an hour nap maybe, the house is a WRECK and a mocha frap seemed to be my best option!! Kinda like CALGON!!

Here is a pic of G & M taking a bath last night. I think all the splashing covers everything up. I was soaking wet just sitting there trying to take their picture! Hopefully this means she'll love the pool this summer? She is a mess - she likes to imitate the smack sound of a kiss and says "uh oh" now. We think she's off the bottle and we're moving towards milk! YEAH!! I think we all can relate to that no-more-formula feeling!! (and no more bottles!!). She'll be 1 all too soon! 2 teeth still and not walking yet, but she can balance on her knees so it won't be long!

My monogramming shelf is very bare! I have maybe 4 things to do and that's it (which makes sense since I've been on "vacation"). Jeff & I are so thankful we settled for another Brother machine!! When we were considering the big $$ daddy I was monogramming about 8 hours a day! Things have slowed down so it's a relief to not have that financial investment!! I would imagine I'll be slow and steady until SPRING!! As you can see I've done a few samples for Valentine's Day for EB! I guess then there is St. Patrick's Day? Easter? SPRING??

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Anonymous said...

Hope you had a Happy New Year! Love all the samples you did for E.B. I hope to start a snowman outfit today for JB. Have you ever monogrammed a swimsuit? I thought about doing one for Julia Belle. Gymboree has this plan navy suit with cute bow on the shoulders. I thought a green monogram would match the boys patchwork swim trunks-also Gymboree. Crazy...thinking about swim wear...but I am so slow if I don't start now...I never will! Blessings, H.