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Sunday, March 15, 2009


Here is Sissy standing up. She can take a step or two, but that's about it. She can balance, stand, bend down and pick something up and stand back up, etc. but won't really WALK yet! She's a mess and so so cute!
Browder is super excited about his ski trip! I'm excited for him ~ I hate to fly but that'll be exciting too!
Garrison and Mallory (who favor the most out of the 3). He just had to hold her today!

It's 10:00 and I'm technically not on vacation yet, so yes I am up sewing!! Still trying to finish everything so when I get back, I won't be faced with a pile of work to do. As you can see I added a few new designs up top! I got lots of e-mails about the purse, which came from (lower left corner she has some applique designs). The pirate ship is from The easter egg is a freebie - I think from Nobbie Neez as well. As the ole saying goes in the Gulledge recession household - "If it's free, it's me". And... the raggy butterfly. Have I mentioned that I LOVE THESE DESIGNS?????????? It's not even the raggy part so much as it is the quilting stitches?? They are just so cute to me! I still have an angel and a few others I haven't done yet!

I also made another birthday hat today and I have to say I'm improving!! I used an actual Elmo birthday hat this time so it isn't lopsided like Mallory's!!
Tomorrow no school, Pizza Perfect for lunch and I'll be finishing up any and all sewing that I didn't get done tonight because I am too tired to work any longer...

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