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Saturday, March 7, 2009


I've had a few e-mails this week about the 3 Marthas bibs I bought at Market. Here are the (big) ones I still have left. I also have a couple of the smaller boy ones left with fabric trim only. Mallory may inherit the girl ones if they don't go soon!! She is cutting her top teeth (3 of them right now) so she is soaking some bibs.

As you know I've been working on a gift for a friend who's sister is having twin boys! It has been a lot of fun buying stuff and getting this gift together. Here are a couple of flannel burp cloths I monogrammed for the gift. These are Gerber brand and you can usually find them at Target or Walmart. I bought these for Mallory and they were great, very SOFT, and a cute alternative to the cloth white diapers (which I'm doing some of as well). These just happen to color-coordinate well with the Apples & Apples blue & green stuff! These have little paw prints on them but I've seen different styles.

And..... I just clicked on and Rachel's new website is UP! It's super cute!! I got a few sneak peaks of it along the way, and was excited to see it was finally on the web and I know Rachel is excited too! Her polka dot background actually inspired my polka dot background - so simple and cute! Anyway, check it out!!

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