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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Another party hat!

Here is party hat #2 and I'm working on #3 for a boy. I'll be sure to post a picture - on the boy one we did an applique letter instead of initials, and used pom poms instead of the feather boa stuff. Very cute!
I'm doing some work for someone and she graciously brought me her scrap fabrics to use! The pink floral on the left is the same fabric I bought to do something for Mallory (which I have not had time to do yet). Very dainty and cute!! A little fabric goes a long way with applique, so I'm more than happy to take scraps!
And here is a new fabric I picked up today at PBJ in Montgomery (on Carter Hill 2 doors down from The Paper Store). Someone sent me some pants in this fabric so I'm going to do something on a t-shirt to match. Mallory has a cute taggie blankie in this fabric too! If you live in Montgomery check out PBJ (nice fabrics!! I've got my eye on a few more). I believe she also has the dainty florals above, your high quality ginghams, etc.
I finally got my old machine out of the shop today. It's still in the back of my car but I was told it was running like a champ. Hopefully I can get 2 machines going and knock some of my growing pile out! Had to take Mallory to the Dr this morning - your typical bad cold plus a little ear infection. Hopefully she'll get to feeling better very soon - started antibiotics after lunch.

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