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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Paci clips and Raggy Appliques

My second (and third) attempt at the paci clip! This time I DID use the metal alligator clips I bought, scuffed them up a little on the sidewalk outside, and glued them on the back of the button with Jewel It glue. They are now "setting" for who knows how many hours! These paci clips are SO easy to make!! My friend Debbie also sent me some plastic clips, but since I had these 2 metal ones I went ahead and used them first. This is part of my infamous twin gift I have finally finished! All I lack is the basket they will go in. I will be sure to take pictures of everything and post them (maybe a slideshow) in a week or two after the Momma to be gets the gift!
And here is another Raggy Applique. Rachel has a whole set of these at EB and I LOVE THEM!! These particular fish I didn't "raggy" as much as I did the flower. I also have an angel, a cross, a butterfly, a pumpkin and a star (and of course the flower). If you don't have these you are missing out, so go to EB and get them!! They are SO CUTE and easy!!
This is a crazy week! Our church is having a Missions Conference which started Sunday, so we did church twice Sunday, took last night off, have a dinner tonight and church again tomorrow night. I'm also hosting bunko at my house (which is a wreck) Thursday night. I'm taking it one day at a time! Today I'm focusing on the salad for 26 I have to take to dinner tonight. I'll figure out my bunko meal tomorrow or Thursday, plus clean my house, re-do my front door market basket and plant something in my front planters, etc.
Something strange has happened with Garrison... he woke up this weekend and began stuttering, or struggling with some of his words? Mostly W's and L's. We tried to get him to say "Look at this" and he couldn't get LOOK out. Of course this has worried us. I cornered a speech pathologist at church Sun night and asked her about it. She said some disfluency is normal for his age (3 in May) and to keep an eye on it for 6 months. I'm thinking next PED visit with any of the kids I will ask about it. He doesn't do it always, but mostly when he's excited or tired (that we've noticed). It is just a really weird thing and if anyone has any input on this, please let me know!! I did a little reading on the internet which said the same thing as the speech path, that some of it may be normal. I sure hope so!!
p.s. of the bibs below, the alligator one is gone and all of the smaller plain ones are gone. All that is left is the blue & green one and the 2 girl ones!
Back to work....


Heather M. in AL said...

Hi lurker from B'ham but just wanted you to know that my son did something very similar at three with the stuttering. He outgrew it after a couple of months. I am an educator and also immediately called my speech path friends. They observed him and said now worries. They were right! Just wanted to reassure you! :)

Emily M in KY said...

Hi. I love to read your blog, too. I'm from Louisville, KY. My son also stuttered right around his third birthday. I was really worried, but he quickly grew out of it. Our cousin is a speech path, too, and she said not to worry. She said their little brains are moving faster than their mouths.

Tina said...

Hi! Love your blog, your things are too cute. My son also had a slight studdering problem. I am seeing a boy trend here =) His started at around three and a half and we just noticed a few weekend ago that he doesn't do it any more. I guess we had just gotten so used to it! He will be 5 in June. It was never severe and no one else really noticed it. The letters that caused him issue were w and l also. But it did last a little longer than 6 months for us.