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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ta Da...

Here is my twin gift all wrapped up! This bucket is FULL and HEAVY! I hope the Mommy likes everything!
We finished up the Missions Conference at church last night. What a wonderful 4 days and it was all so interesting and convicting! Tonight I'm hosting bunko so I've been cleaning and cooking all day long. Tomorrow, sewing and I may just crash.

Thanks to all of the comments and e-mails about Garrison and his speech. Everyone said the same exact thing! HA. Yesterday I didn't notice it at all, today only a little. He is our hilarious middle child. I went to Publix at 9:00 last night and when I pulled out of the driveway I called Jeff and said "should G's light be on?". He is so sneaky! When I got home close to 10 (after a quick trip to Target too), it was STILL ON!! I walked in there and didn't see him. I checked Browder's room and the bathroom and no Garrison! THEN... I opened his closet and this almost-3 yr old was INSIDE his hamper! Just sitting there. I honestly think he got stuck, but daddy had already been in there twice so he didn't make a peep. I wish I had my camera at that moment!!

Off to the showers!

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