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Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Here is sweet Mallory Sunday at the fam b-day party. She ate up the icing! I finally had to pull it away from her so she wouldn't get sick.

And here is her birthday hat! She looked so cute in it!

Here is Garrison - we were short on mittens so we got out the puppets! It worked. Sunday morning he woke up at the crack of dawn as usual and I was in shock when I looked outside and saw snow. I woke Browder up so he could see. Seriously, it NEVER snows in Montgomery, not to mention on Friday it was 70 degrees! The kids got to play in it for a while, then it melted, then snowed some more while we were at church, then was all pretty much melted by lunchtime. Crazy!!

And finally here are the boys in their PJs and makeshift show outfits. I'm pretty sure Browder was in shorts and a t-shirt on Friday, not to mention the tornado sirens going off 6 times Friday and Saturday. This was Rich Thomas' dream weekend!!

I posted a note up top that I'll be on "vacation" in a couple of weeks. Best case scenario I will be completely caught up before that Monday! We're going skiing for a few days and I might visit the family a day or two before that, so we'll be in and out that week and I don't plan to do any sewing! I'm slowly doing spring t-shirts for people, which is good! I don't want it to all hit at once!! I'm finishing up these 19 dance shirts BY THURSDAY!!

1 comment:

Julie said...

I want to gobble mallory up...& good for you for taking vacation! I'll be in Mexico when you are flying down the slopes!!! Have FUN!