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Sunday, December 13, 2009

4 new designs coming ASAP!

I FINALLY sampled our new Applique Cafe designs and they have been sent off to be converted to ART! Once we get them back (hopefully in the next day or two) I will get them listed on the website! #1 is mittens of course, which is great for Winter in general and can be done in girl or boy colors. If you click on the pic it will enlarge it (I think) so you can see the zig zags in the cuff!
#2 is a special request duck! I did this on a sweatshirt for Browder and it's cute! This is a good one for the older boys I think. It would be cute also with some green cord and a coordinating bottom fabric!
And thinking ahead to Valentine's Day (which will be here in the blink of an eye)...this is a simple heart square patch with zig zag trim!
And another heart design and I used a layer of white flannel underneath!
We had a rainy weekend here full of Christmas parties! We had such a great time both nights (and stayed out way too late)! Jeff put me on a schedule this week - 27 items so 5 a day and I should finish up by Thursday. I've done a few tonight so I may even be ahead of schedule! I won't be able to do anything this weekend and next week is getting in to Christmas, so I may actually be about done!? I have had a few people ask if they could bring stuff this week so I've counted those in my 27! I hope everyone has a great week and I hope to get these designs listed in the next day or two! Browder has a stomach virus so say a prayer it doesn't make the rounds at my house!! He told me earlier tonight his tummy hurt and next thing we know he has puked ALL OVER himself and our couch! He's not keeping Gatorade down either a couple of hours later! :( PRAYING seriously that no one else gets sick! We quarantined him to his room until Mallory went to bed and have Lysol-ed all the germs!! Fun times!!!

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