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Monday, December 28, 2009

4 new designs coming ASAP!

Here are 4 new Applique Cafe designs to be added sometime tonight! We have the ART files back. Jeff took B hunting so we'll get them uploaded later tonight and you can enjoy the 30% off savings on NEW designs! I've been getting GREAT suggestions as to new designs for 2010! Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to e-mail me! Some of them are already out there (on other sites), but some are ideas we'll definitely get to work on! Thanks again!

I love this new fabric! Shown here w/ a bow...

BTW, I got Eclipse for Christmas so while I'm bored to death with no work to do, I've been reading! I hear the last Twilight book is the best, and I'll have to wait til Summer for this movie, but it's fun to have time to read! For some reason the werewolf stuff kind of bores me (sorry Jacob fans) but it's a good read - I'm already halfway through. I'm definitely Team Edward all the way!!

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Emilee said...

I love these new designs. So simple, but so cute.