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Monday, December 14, 2009

A few things I did today...

Here are a few things I did today! This is a brown & aqua cord houndstooth fabric (not mine) trimmed in aqua and this is a BIG letter! This is EB's chunky applique alphabet "M" in the 6 inch size!!

Here is a cute alligator also done in a polka dot cord material (also not mine). I love working with corduroy! It's just easy to work with - lays flat, etc! I did the name underneath in orange and it's a cute shirt!

And lastly the AC wreath done for a friend in a fat lime gingham with a hot pink w/ lime dots bow!

Browder was OK today but didn't go to school, so I got quite a bit of work done staying home with him while the other kids were at school! More rain today (ugh) and no school tomorrow! Not sure what we'll do? Haircuts perhaps! Exciting Tuesday!

I did get a postcard today announcing that the sewing store in West Point, GA FINALLY opened! I think it was several months ago when I met Steve over there and he fixed both my machine in TWO DAYS (and I had thought they were opening shortly after that)!! Their hours are Mon-Sat 11am-3pm (EST). I'll have to make a trip over there soon to check out the store! They are the closest (I think) authorized Brother service center for my area! The website is! I'm still loyal to Kens ( but Muscle Shoals is too far to drive for a quick machine service! Oh, the address is:

Southeast Sewing
Steve Tramell (
814 East Third Avenue
West Point, GA

p.s. Montgomery's JoAnn store is opening the beginning of February 2010! SO excited!! I want to say the sign says 2/6 or something? Will check next time I ride by! I'm counting on them selling Sulky stabilizers and having lots of sales as I see advertised!!

1 comment:

Cindy said...

JoAnn's is awesome. They do have Sulky stabilizers, and there are 40% and 50% off one item coupons in the paper and on their email list every week so you can get them for cheap. I also like their $1 fabric quarters for doing appliques.