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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Good vs Bad

Here is a new Applique Cafe design we're working on, and the perfect opportunity to show you good stabilizing versus bad stabilizing! Can you tell which one is which? The LEFT (yellow on top) is definitely BAD!! I realized last night when I went to test it that I was out of my Sulky Medium Cutaway stabilizer, which is ALL I USE on shirts, samples and anything else where I can use cutaway! So, I tried a thinner version of cutaway (still Sulky) and you see what happens!! The fabric bubbles and looks pretty bad! I even used my Heat N Bond Lite and tried to iron over it, but the fabric is just too loose - the thin cutaway just isn't enough support for the fabric and stitches! We also tweaked the cherry a bit, so I redid the ICE CREAM CONE just now after a trip to Hancocks to buy a pack of stabilizer! No sale and no coupon, so it hurt to pay full price, but definitely worth it until I can hit the next sale and stock up! As you can see on the RIGHT (blue gingham on top), good stabilizer makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE in the world!! It is flat and neat as can be!

I hoop all shirts, and just about everything that I can! It's just the way I've taught myself and it just works best for me! I hear of people who use sticky and don't hoop anything, but I have to stick with what works for me! Medium Cutaway is my favorite (Sulky Cut-Away Plus - Cut-Away Permanent Stabilizer Medium weight). I also can't live without Sulky KK2000 Spray Adhesive. "They" say not to use it, but I cannot function without a can of it! They DID have it in stock at Hancocks today (haven't had any in MONTHS), but I had a 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby so I can get a can for about $10 there. I hope to catch a good Hancocks Sulky or Notions sale SOON so I can stock up until JoAnn opens (YEAH!!). I get e-mail coupons like every day and it pains me that our store isn't open yet!! 

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!! We certainly did, and have lots of projects til the first of the year! Jeff is off work until the New Year, so we hope to work on LOTS of new designs!! I posted a note on the website asking for ideas, so if you have any, send them my way!! We'd love to do some stuff that people are actually looking for!


Anonymous said...

I am so glad you showed the difference and said what you always use. Mine always come out puffy and i was using what my sew center told me too. I am going to buy what you wrote today. I can't live without the KK2000 spray either. The sticky back paper doesnt work for me. I have to hoop everything. Thanks for the tips.
Nicole Arnold

froggies said...

do some monsters for boys