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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A few pictures from this morning!

Here is Sis in her JOY shirt I made for Rachel at Embroidery Boutique (for her photo)! Cute Cute!! It also had green ric rac across the top but I never got my sewing machine out to sew it down!
This was Sis pitching a fit about something? She has a temper!!!!!!! Girlfriend can scream and hit (the chair) if she gets mad enough!!
Sadly, Mal has on what used to be Garrison's pajamas, and G has on what used to be Browder's pajamas!! :( My babies are all growing up (and we don't mind recycling some clothes)!! Mallory doesn't seem to mind boy pajamas!
These were all taken after B went to school so he's not around! If you can't tell, sister loves some paci!!
I got all of my teacher gifts done today! YEAH! Now I need to finish working and get Christmas cards out. Neverending... I'm getting an Iphone today too so we've got company coming over to set it all up and eat dinner! Back to work...

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