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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New fabrics

I spent this past weekend in Enterprise celebrating Christmas with my family, so of course I had Jeff swing me by the Singer Sewing Center on our way in to town Friday! They have great fabric so I always go by when I'm in town! The left 2 are Jenean Morrison fabrics - never heard of her that I know of but very pretty!

I loved these too! And I found the polka dot cord fabric I used for the alligator last week so I bought the rest of the bolt (like 3/4 yards). The 3rd on the right is a Michael Miller fabric. Not sure about the rest?

I've got both machines going right now with last minute orders. I really didn't have much to do this week and have had a few "last minute" calls so I'm trying to work on those! The lady who cleans my house came today, so we spent part of the morning at the Mall. W-O-W! It was packed - quality people watching. We rode the train & carousel, but the line for Santa was halfway around the skating rink so we skipped that and ate at Chick Fil A. Of course we get all settled, food out and ready to eat, and G insists he is about to wet his pants! Of course! I put him off as long as I could and then had to ask the nice old man sitting beside us to watch all our stuff while I hauled the 3 kids to the bathroom! We didn't make it out of there w/out a stinky diaper either!! Always fun times with 3 youngins.

All designs are 30% off at Applique Cafe! Jeff is off for a week in between Christmas and the New Year, so hopefully we can work on lots of new stuff! Our kids are also going to Granmommies for a few days next week, so hopefully we can get some stuff done! Project #1 is our garage, which is n-a-s-t-y!!

I've just done the AC simple dog in camo - cute!! Name underneath in orange!! Back to work...

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