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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!!

A customer sent me a pic of these cute birthday hat shirts so I've added them to my Gallery and had to post a pic here! Very cute!! I recently had another customer e-mail with suggestions, and one was that I posted more Gallery pictures on Applique Cafe, so I'm working on that! BTW, I've had a couple of people ask me how I attach a bow to an applique design. I either stitch it on with a few stitches by hand, or with my regular sewing machine, but mostly I pin it on with a safety pin. Mallory's JOY ornament shirt posted previously had 3 bows pinned on it and it didn't bother her a bit (the pins). I use Fray Check on the ends of the ribbon. I like the safety pins simply because you can take the bows off to wash the shirt, or replace the bows quickly if needed.

Here is Mallory's new diaper bag (which I got about a month ago). I LOVE IT!! It came from a friend at church who's website is listed under my resource guide/list above - Girly Girl Designs! She has a booth at My Kids Attic in Montgomery as well. I LOVE the circus fabric! This diaper bag was only $26 and of course I monogrammed it.

And lastly, we had more than one person suggest the word "LOVE" applique, so this will be added to AC soon. We'd like to get a few more done and add them all at the same time, hopefully in the next few days! This is zig zag trim and you can do each letter with a different fabric.

I have an 8 1/2" x 11" piece of paper full of suggestions we've received from people! Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to e-mail me! Now it's a matter of finding pictures to start with if we can't freehand it, and finding the time to get them all done! Our goal is to offer maybe 4 NEW designs a week time permitting!

Our "staycation" is over! The kids are back at home and out of school til Wednesday! We had a few wonderful days of peace & quiet here at home and ate lots of good food and saw 2 GREAT movies - It's Complicated and The Blind Side! TBS was SO GOOD, that as we were leaving the theater I tried to get in someone else's car (AGAIN). There were about 3 white tahoes where I thought we parked and only when I realized a family was staring at me did I realize Jeff kept going and I was at the wrong car! Anyway it was a fabulous movie!!

Happy New Year!

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