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Monday, August 25, 2008

Blame it on FAY!!

Well, it was a bad night last night!! I got a Facebook message from a friend from church whom I sat behind in Sunday School. It said something to the effect of "Hi, it's me, is that really you in this video, looking so awful?". I was a little taken aback, but was dying to see what the video was all about, so I tried, and tried, and tried... to open it. Soon thereafter I got an instant message from another friend asking if I had just sent THEM a video. Ut Ohhhhh..... FACEBOOK VIRUS (google it, it's real). I was able to change my "status" to Rosemary Wise Gulledge... thinks there is a virus on Facebook in the form of a video. I was hoping people would see that before they got it and tried to open anything. Next thing I know I'm kicked off Facebook - talk about a kick in the gut. I sent an e-mail out to everyone I could think of warning them not to open anything!! It's been a complete nightmare ever since!! I can't really tell any difference on my computer - I deleted my Google toolbar b/c something funny was going on there. I've done a McAfee scan and it shows nothing. Of course I just installed it this morning (90 day trial). Might should have had it last night!? I've also sent an e-mail to Facebook explaining what happened. I guess we'll see if they reinstate me or not. I'm a bit scared that Facebook is not as secure as I thought, seeing as though I was able to get a virus. I've NEVER EVER gotten a computer virus or opened anything suspicious before. I just saw Facebook and thought it was just a video. Anyway, BEWARE!! Woke up this morning to the tornado warning sirens - didn't take G to school. Little M has her 6 mo checkup (yes, 6 MONTHS) at 3:30 and then Jeff & I are headed to the ATL for a funeral in the morning. Our good friend Karen lost her father on Friday. If you talk to God, say a little prayer for her and her family!! We will be back tomorrow afternoon. The kids are staying here w/ the grandparents.

Anyway, it's been a crazy day! I did a special request "Frankenstein" last night. I was unsure about frankenstein as an applique, but he really turned out cute! I also have a spider in mind and will do my pumpkins again for Halloween. I also have a pumpkin trio applique. I have another special request where I will utilize my new merge program to merge applique letters. I will report on how that goes probably Wednesday! I know a monogram or short name will work. This one is 4 letters + 7 letters, so I'm anxious to see if it will work too!

I'd better get packin for Atlanta...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I am SO SAD that you got kicked off!! I did get your message, but I didn't open it b/c I had already been warned. I think that these viruses have been running rampant lately! Whatever will I do without my Facebook best friend!! No more fun flair!
~ Alexandrea :)